Postponement of the concerts from 15/07 to 29/07 and 17/08


Postponement of the concerts from 15/07 to 29/07 and 17/08

We are reckless, but not irrational. Due to the code orange weather conditions and theunfavourable opinion of the municipality, we regret to postpone the concerts of Emma Bale, Le Manou, Charles and Motion Blur. A difficult decision to make, but one that is necessary to ensure the safety of all. The other concert dates will remain in place until further notice.

New dates :

  • Charles: 29/07
  • Emma Bale + Le Manou: 17/08

Tickets are still valid for
the new dates to come

In case of unavailability for the new date for compelling reasons, Green Fields will provide you with a voucher for an amount equivalent to the price of the ticket(s) for this concert and valid until 15 September 2021. This voucher can be used for several orders. You can also opt for a refund of your ticket(s). You have until 21/07/2021 to click here and fill in the form to inform us of your choice.

For all other questions, please contact

We apologise for the delay in the concert and thank you for your understanding.

We hope to see you soon.

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